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e-BIKE is a new vehicle equipped with a small motor and battery.
In home Europe, it is popular among those who are not confident on slopes and long rides, and who enjoy scenery and travel.

As e-BIKE evolves, negative factors such as unit miniaturization and battery life anxiety are gradually improving with the progress of the day. The improvement of the battery life is remarkable and if you weaken the assist, some models can cruise more than 100km.
In addition, the infrastructure for e-BIKE has begun to be in place.

We offer e-BIKE rentals at the Izu Gateway Kanan/Michino-eki in Kanan-cho, the Merida X Base, close to the Japan Cycle Sports Center, and at the permanent MTB Park FUTAGO in Gotenba, you can take a test ride on MTB type e-BIKE on off-road.

The infrastructure is progressing in Izu Peninsula area, such as the establishment of a wide-area e-BIKE charging network.
Please experience it.
When exploring the ride for the first time, you often have to worry about routes to destinations and tourist information.Kona Stay offers a wide range of tours tailored to the needs of tourists with an experienced guide in cycling who has a strong connection to the local community.Enjoy discovering new journeys. Konacycle has developed a special trailer for carrying bicycles. We support cycle tours of up to 8 people in the Izu and Hakone areas.

“Kona Stay Izu Nagaoka”rents the latest eBike and road bikes.
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